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Check out my photography portfolio!

23rd April 2016 By Cory Bardwell

I have been a photographer as a hobby since I can remember. Last year, I decided to start doing photo sessions for clients at an adoption agency (where I happen to work). These sessions have allowed me to grow my skills and portfolio quickly, and I look forward to focusing even more on photography in the near future. As I write this, I have multiple photo sessions to edit (for my clothing company) and an adoptive parent session next weekend.

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Motivate Clothing Co

3rd October 2012 By Cory Bardwell

Motivate Clothing Co has been officially live for almost 4 months and things are going well! I’ve sold almost half of the shirts, especially the smaller sizes. I’ve done some sales, contests, and giveaways. I’ve figured out which shirts sell better and which ones need some help. I added posters and they are picking up recently.

Now my next steps are a little tricky. There are 3 main things:
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Inspire Hayward Billboard Competition Winner!

27th May 2012 By Cory Bardwell

For anyone who didn’t hear, I was a part of a graphic design competition through Cal State East Bay put on by Oakland Digital Arts & Literacy Center (ODALC) called INSPIRE HAYWARD. It involves getting my work put up on a couple billboards in Hayward and a paid internship at Ameredia in SF. And I won! So all that hard work and stress is paying off. I will post the dates and locations of the billboards as soon as I know.
PS: That billboard is just a mockup to show what my design will look like, the real photo will come soon.
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