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Motivate Clothing Co

On 03, Oct 2012 | In apparel design, print design | By Cory Bardwell

Motivate Clothing Co has been officially live for almost 4 months and things are going well! I’ve sold almost half of the shirts, especially the smaller sizes. I’ve done some sales, contests, and giveaways. I’ve figured out which shirts sell better and which ones need some help. I added posters and they are picking up recently.

Now my next steps are a little tricky. There are 3 main things:

First, I want to try to get the top 4 shirts carried in some physical stores. I have a few ideas but I need some help.

Second, I want to work on plans for making hats, hoodies, and gift items.

Finally, I want to work on finding someone to invest in me so I can order the sizes that are out, do some new colors, and not have to pay everything out of pocket.

I will let you all know how this goes. Thanks for everything!